How to Convert PPT to Flash (FLV Format)

There are various ways of converting your PPT slide presentations and you have to pick the easiest method so you will do a good job afterwards. But for the record, knowing how to convert PPT to Flash or FLV format is way easier than converting it to other video format. After learning the process, you will be happy to repeat the process all over again and do a perfect job repeatedly.

Why go for Flash when you want to convert your PPT? Most users are familiar with this process because it offers an easy method of embedding their presentations into a website. You will find out that many on-line sites are providing users the tools needed in converting PowerPoint presentations to Flash. Some provide the embed code for faster and easier process.

There are many Flash versions available on-line and you have to get the version that best suits your needs and preferences. If you are a blogger, you will be loyal to using the same site and program and use it whenever you update and upload presentations to your sites or blog or at best at any Internet browser.

PowerPoint presentations converted to Flash format are also reduced in terms of size, but the quality is not compromised. For the record, Flash is a more secured format, too.

How to Convert PPT to Flash (FLV Format)

The end results would be satisfying as it offers higher quality video format with a much more accurate conversion result, too. Streaming media format becomes ideal if you opt for PowerPoint Flash conversion. You don’t have to worry about the animations, the timings, the callouts, the slide transitions, and the shapes because a professional output is created.

Using Flash Converter software, certain customizations can also be done as quality video files are generated. Then, it would be easier for you to upload files to websites like YouTube or share and distribute to others. Playable on video players, video files converted to Flash or FLV format are easily accessible while preserving the full original elements of the PowerPoint slide presentation. Please follow these steps:

1. First of all, you need to download a PPT To Flash converter software.

2. Then you need to import the flash presentation in the software.

3. Then you’ll see a option to convert the PPT file into FLV file and you need to select that option. That’s it. It is indeed as easy as it sounds!

Whether you are making a PowerPoint Presentation that contains animations, sound effects, slide transition, images, and videos, your final output would be as crisp as the original version. In the end, you don’t have to be professional technician; neither do you have to pursue a diploma to get the job done. A powerful Flash Converter software program will do things right for you without compromising much. This is the beauty of learning how to convert PPT to Flash with a powerful and user-friendly guide and tools all packed in one package deal.