Choosing a Right PDF Converter Software

Portable Document Format is a format that is globally recognized and accepted by the computer users. A PDF file is one of the formats that can be supported on different platform. This format also leaves a professional appearance to a document. It has a great password-protected ability that prevents a user from unauthorized viewing, printing, editing or any kind of alternation of the text. Due to the growing demand of PDF files for any kind of work process there is an emerging requirement of PDF converter tool. These tools make the task of a user smoother and easier.

A good converter tool has few essential features that you should consider while selecting a right tool for your kind of work. The main purpose of a tool is to convert a document from one format to another. For instance, if one needs to convert a document from Excel or Word to PDF, the converter is a beneficial tool for the purpose. You can convert a number of files from one format to another instantly. In other words, a good tool supports ‘Batch Conversion’ feature. It also supports ‘Partial Conversion’ feature in which you have the flexibility to select the pages that you want to convert. During the conversion process the format of the original document remains intact. There are some tools with advanced features that support encrypted and password-protected PDF files. A good tool also supports hyper links and bookmarks. A user can even handle rotated pages, images, text and shapes. There is a feature of the tool to extract images from a document. There are many computer tools that utilize the memory and disk space of the computers. However, a good and technologically advanced tool does not use the memory and occupy the disk space in a computer. You are able to run other programs during the conversion process. It is a user-friendly tool that converts the files with a few clicks. This saves valuable time of an individual.

The use of a good PDF converter facilitates the smooth functioning of a user and deliver efficient results. With the use of this tool you need not to retype the text into another format. One can easily follow the conversion process deploying a tool with advanced features.

Preserving Legacy Images With a DICOM Converter

It’s a problem that virtually everyone who works with computers and digital media must deal with; what to do with old and outdated media after hardware software and operating systems have undergone multiple upgrades – or worse, attempting to read a file that is in a format no longer supported. When it comes to medical imaging, the DICOM converter provides solutions when it comes to reading older files.

It’s Easy To Convert to DICOM

Only fifteen years ago, capturing a medical procedure on analog video was state-of-the-art – but modern digital video has made videotape a relic. In addition, videotapes deteriorate over time, and the picture quality on a digital monitor can be extremely poor. The DICOM image converter allows one to transfer all types medical images for archiving in the DICOM format.

The primary advantage of a DICOM image converter is that your clinic or private practice will not need to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it would otherwise cost to upgrade and/or replace your older, but still serviceable imaging equipment.

How It Works

DICOM is basically an image file format, similar to .jpeg, .gif, .png or .tiff files. Applications such as Photoshop or GIMP can easily convert images among the more common formats, but DICOM was developed specifically for medical imaging, and therefore contains information that is not usually part of common image formats.

The DICOM image converter consists of an inexpensive piece of hardware into which the user feeds any medical image, such as an x-ray, MRI, mammography image, etc. The DICOM converter then translates the image into the DICOM format; it can then be uploaded to a server or PC, a picture archive and communication system (PACS), and saved to portable media such as a DVD. Any medical image that you convert to DICOM file format can then be read by any web browser across multiple platforms (provided the host PC has the proper software loaded).

DICOM Image Converter Choices

There are several different companies that offer various ways to convert DICOM files. The Lumen System is a user-friendly DICOM converter by which non-DICOM video can uploaded to any location on the health care facility’s intranet or a specified location on the Internet (i.e., a specialty clinic or the PC of a distant colleague involved in a consultation).

The TIMS System provides a more advanced way to convert DICOM files; this device will convert any medical image and upload it to a PACS, where the image can be archived, distributed and enhanced if necessary.

The DICOM Exporter is yet another type of DICOM image converter which allows the user to convert to DICOM any medical image or video to the most common web image formats (.jpeg, ,mpg, etc.), which can then be uploaded across an intranet to a clinic’s digital archive, where it can be readily accessed by authorized personnel.

Greening The Industry

Another reason to convert to DICOM is to reduce paper and chemical waste associated with standard modalities. The DICOM converter is a large step toward a “paperless” operation in addition to being far more cost effective in terms of material and space. An investment in the hardware required to convert DICOM files is an investment not only in your health care facility, but an investment in the planet as well.

Significance of a PDF Converter Software

A PDF converter refers to a computer program that can assist or guide a user for creating Portable Document Format out of several other applications. One can easily perform the conversion of a document from one format to another according to the requirement with the help of advanced and modified computer programs.

A Portable Document Format is an application which is used by the computer users across the world. It is a non-editable file format that is portable across multiple platforms. It has compression algorithms with which you can compress the size of the format and make the document more transferable through email. A user can even incorporate graphics, image or multimedia content into the documents. Security is another important factor that makes the people use a PDF file format. You can encrypt the files with the passwords and even protect the content with digital signatures.

You need to use a PDF converter tool in order to create a PDF file out of any other format or to convert a PDF file into anther application. These computer program tools come with different types of features. You can select any of these tools of specific set of features that fulfills your requirements in a best manner possible. Some programs allow a user to perform batch conversion while others allow partial conversion. There are many other advanced programs that equip a user with both the capabilities. You can also merge a number of PDF documents together in order to effectively handle vast amount of information.

One can easily split a lengthy file in order to handle huge documents. All this possible when you use a latest technology based computer program. With such kind of tool, the conversion is fast and simple for a user. Some such tools do not need any hardware, software or operating system for their use. Opt for a trail version first before making a final choice so that you can get a fair idea of the usability of a program.