Why Photographers & Businesses Need Image Library Software

Firstly let me start by explaining what image library software is – It’s a purpose-built software solution that is designed to centralise the management of your digital assets, such as photos, videos and documents. The benefits of this software don’t end there though; we all know the feeling of wanting to show someone a particular photo we took but have to sort through the other hundred or so photo’s stored on our computer right? Well image library software allows you to categorise files so that you can quickly and easily retrieve the photo or document that you want, there and then. I hear you asking about security; quality image library software provides a friendly secure environment with sophisticated permission structures which enable you to control user access to categories and assets, therefore your digital assets are as secure as you want them to be.

Photographers find this type of product very useful in terms of:
– Providing online galleries of their work in high resolution
– Enabling clients to access and download images (with a watermark if required)
– Selling photo’s online
– Having the ability to brand and theme the system as their own
– Incorporate the functions into their existing website

General businesses are using image library software for:
– Centralising the storage of product images, logos, videos and more in customer-defined categories
– Assistance with converting images for the likes of MS PowerPoint presentations
– E-mailing product shots for use in catalogues and such like
– Again, having the ability to brand and theme the system as their own

Image library software provides the user with assistance in every part of the process after you take the photo or produce the item through to the final output and permanent storage in a systematic and efficient way. When you are looking for a software product like this make sure that it does everything that you want it too before you make the purchase, look for one that provides a demonstration site where you can really get a feel for what is on offer.